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exports in somalia. >> we must of this massive destruction to the environment. another trading commodity gets the mainative as rivers start disappearing. >> so much so that land is disappearing fast. he has eight children and has been making charcoal for more than 80 years. he digs up peat and sets it on fire. opportunitiesew here. charcoal is the only way that i can freak -- feed my family. >> that are trying to cut off funding to al-shabbab fighters. this is a resource that is yet to be interrupted. >> there is a dollar tax for every bag of charcoal, and they get $440 -- >>. >> we found evidence that charcoal is still shipped out. the local government here has called for a temporary lifting of the band, to illegally export their current charcoal. they say is too late to save the trees that have already been cut down. al jazeera, somalia. >> hello, a warm welcome to "the journal" on dw. these are the headlines this hour. the united states increases pressure on russia as edward snowden says he wants temporary asylum there. officials blame the devastating train crash on the needs for an u
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1